Technology Partner in utah

Why Your Company Needs a Technology Partner?

A technology company focuses on the development and manufacture of technology, or they provide technology as a service. Technology includes digital electronics software, and internet related services, website development and SEO management.  Technology also involves radical improvements in communication made possible through the internet using computers, laptops, and smartphones. Business communication and marketing today is…

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What is WordPress

What is WordPress?

In the beginning, WordPress was the most popular and most straightforward way to create blogs or websites. Now, nearly 35% of all websites on the Internet are powered using WordPress. A technical description of WordPress, as cited by website dictionaries, claims, “WordPress is an open-source content management systems or a tool that makes it easy…

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What is SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is improving and promoting your website purpose to increase the number of visitors to your website. There are many functions you can do as a marketer to utilize SEO, and this includes the words on your page and how other sites link to your site. SEO is a measure of…

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Scale Your Business with these Seven Tips

What does “scale” mean regarding business? Scaling a business just means that as growth continues on an upward trend, a company will have the foundation and protocols in place to handle the increase in demands and higher workloads. Growth and scaling are two different aspects of a business. Growth pertains to the addition of resources…

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Facebook’s New Rating System

Facebook has recently undertaken a new strategy when it comes to rating businesses and is currently in beta testing. This means it’s not fully released to the public as they are testing it with a random selection of users. In the past, Facebook has allowed businesses essentially their own profile page, similar to those of…

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Facebook vs. Google

How Facebook and Google Work Better for your Business   Facebook and Google, two company names you hear everywhere you go. People and businesses worldwide use both platforms to reach their customers and followers. Both can be accessed on every computer, smart TV, smartphone, and any other electronic device with Internet capabilities. Today, consumers are…

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Utah Business Automation growth99

Utah Business Automation

How Does Business Automation Improve Business Processes? Today business owners in Utah are inundated continuously with an overflow of information by way of emails, messages, alerts and more. Excess can be overwhelming, and the probability of information getting missed or lost is pretty high. Automation is becoming popular because of the ability to streamline all…

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Purpose of a Website growth99

Purpose of a Website

In this day and age, with the ever-increasing amount of traffic on the internet and advancement of technology, the business must have websites to be able to reach their current and potential customers. Having a website is the best way to ensure a “call to action” via 24/7 availability and a presence. A website, for…

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