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How can learning SEO boost your business?

Search Engine Optimization or commonly called SEO is a vital tool to boost businesses big or small. This is crucial and timely as we are in the state where the whole world is expected to be online to maintain social distancing and stay in touch. Internet presence is now a big thing. In light of…

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How to move your website from one domain to another?

You may want to change the domain of the website for many reasons. It is highly essential to analyze the scope involved in this process before jumping into any conclusion. Website migration is the process of moving the website from one domain to another diverse domain by retaining the actual contents and other linked elements.…

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Best Practices For Running Facebook advertising / Advertising on Facebook

The average adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook and 53 minutes on Instagram. Running ads across these platforms is prime real estate to reach your target audience when they are engaged and willing to discover new products and services. Growth99 has made it simple to advertise on Facebook (and Instagram) with a dedicated…

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AutomationMarketing How to Scale your Practice with Ease Using Automation, Technology, and Marketing

How to Scale your Practice with Ease Using Automation, Technology, and Marketing

Gone are the days of manual computation, ordering, booking, and selling. Leveraging your business with the best technological tools available can help you tremendously from increased productivity, decreased errors, improved customer service, precise accounting, easy bookkeeping, monitoring, and overall control. Whether you do the sourcing and systemizing on your own, or hire a third-party provider…

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Customer success and satisfaction in the digital marketing world

Currently, digital marketing is the way to reach your clients. What sets digital marketing from traditional marketing is the use of different channels to promote a particular brand, name, or business. Marketing in the digital era brings into focus the use of electronic tools like laptop and mobile devices as well as the use of…

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Ruma + Growth99 Instagram Live Event

When everything and everyone is challenged by COVID-19, resiliency is the virtue everybody needs. GROWTH99 and RUMA Aesthetics are joining hands to share tips on resiliency and on how to innovate businesses during COVID-19 by utilizing what is available and re-approaching strategies from a different perspective. Watch how two experts of different fields come together to provide a…

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